• These homas done during Grihapravesha (house warming ceremony )Due to building of a house, 3 types of doshas (sins) come up.
  • 1. Digging the earth because of this many worms die.
  • 2. Cutting of wood – Nature is getting affected. Because Trees are also living beings in the lower end of the life spectrum.
  • 3. Breaking of stones – There is possibility of evil spirits in the stones.
  • If this homa is done, it will lead to prosperity in the house, and would lead to good health and peace.
  • Procedure: Previous  day night the Panchagavya shudhi, punyahavachanam, Rakshoghna Homam, sudarshana Homam or Aghora Homam and Vastu shanthi homams, done with Vastu Bali and Dikpalaka bali. Vastu pratima (Vastu golden image)pratishtha also done in the night.  Vaasthu devathas are invoked and prayed and offerd by Kushmandam, (piece of Pumpkin) Laja, Anna boiled rice. This is called Vaasthu Bali. next day morning in the best time the grha pravesha(entering the house) by doing go pooja (pooja to cow with calf ) and  dwara pooja (pooja to main entrance door ). The molk boiling ceremony is followed by Ganapathi pooja. Ganapathi homam, Navagraha Homam, laxmee pooja, Kuladevata Pooja, Satyanarayana Pooja also be done.
  • ★ Poojas or Homams once booked can be postponed.
  • ★ All required materials to perform Poojas or Homam will be arranged from our side or can be arranged from your side.
  • ★ This Pooja (Homam) can be performed online also.. can watch it live also. CD or DVD is also available on request at extra cost.
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