Navagraha Homam

“Nityam poojya navagrahaha”

  • ✔ Navagraha homam is performed to remove obstacles caused by nine grahas or any graha in simple.
  • ✔ Navagraha homam is performed with nine “samidhas,charu(rice),ghee for example ekke smidha for sun
  • Muttuga for chandra OR moon,kadira for angaraka or mangala graha,uttarane for budha graha, ashwatha for guru graha, atti for shukra graha, shami for shani graha, durve for rahu graha, dharbe for ketu graha.
  • Benefits of Nagraha Homam
  • ✔ The luck factor will favor you a lot of Blessings from all the 9 planets for a successful life with reduced depressions throughout
  • ★ Poojas or Homams once booked can be postponed.
  • ★ All required materials to perform Poojas or Homam will be arranged from our side or can be arranged from your side.
  • ★ This Pooja (Homam) can be performed online also.. can watch it live also. CD or DVD is also available on request at extra cost.
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