Relieves from Naga Dosha

  • Ashlesha Bali pooja is the one of the most important remedies for those people who are suffering from Kala Sarpa Dosha. Rahu and Ketu considered to have most influence in persons life. Out of many combinations of rahu – ketu placements in a horoscope, all planets being within rahu – ketu and rest 7 houses being empty is said to Kalasarpa yoga or dosha. When a persons horoscope has this dosha, it is necessary to perform Ashlesha Bali pooja to do away or lessen the impact of Kalasarpa Dosha.
  • Benefits
  • ✔ Relieves from Naga Dosha
  • ✔ Delay in Children for married couples
  • ✔ For better marriage prospects
  • ✔ For prosperity without any hurdles, good progeny , good job, peace, get rid of diseases
  • ✔ Improving financial status and wining over enemies
  • ★ Poojas or Homams once booked can be postponed.
  • ★ All required materials to perform Poojas or Homam will be arranged from our side or can be arranged from your side.
  • ★ This Pooja (Homam) can be performed online also.. can watch it live also. CD or DVD is also available on request at extra cost.
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